How to build an Ethereum smart contract platform for garment processing

article Blockchain-based smart contracts can be used to make garments as simple as a piece of paper, with the ability to process any garment and send it off to a factory, which can then ship it on to the customer for final assembly.

With the blockchain-based process, however, there’s also the risk that the factory might not be able to complete the work.

This has happened several times with factories in Bangladesh, where workers have not been paid for months on end.

In a recent post on the Ethereum community forum, the project leader behind the Ethereum Fabrication platform, Adam Tse wrote that the Ethereum platform is not a solution to garment manufacturing, but is a tool for enabling a new, decentralized, and collaborative fashion industry.

Tse’s team has been working on Ethereum Fabrications since 2014, and recently launched the Fabrication Development Kit, which allows users to test and run their own Fabrication projects.

“We are building the Fabricator for the world,” Tse said in the post, adding that the Fabricators will not be fully functional for the foreseeable future.

Tae also mentioned that the project has raised $2 million in funding so far, which he said has “raised $50 million in a little over two years.”