What you need to know about the garment fitting procedure

Here are the basic steps you need if you are preparing to buy a garment fitting for your wedding, wedding shower, wedding gown or any other occasion.1.

Take a photograph of your garment to take a photograph with you.2.

If your wedding dress is the size you want it to be, you’ll need to get it to an authorised retailer.3.

You’ll need a tailor to make you a fitting.4.

Once the fitting has been made, the clothes will be put into a washing machine, with your help, to be washed, washed, and washed again.5.

The final stage is the final cleaning and drying, before they are sent to the manufacturer for final manufacture.6.

Your final item will be packaged for you in a box.7.

When the box is opened, it will contain all of the clothes, all the instructions, and all of your cash.8.

The box will then go into the post, which will take around three days.9.

The post will then deliver the goods to your door, at which point you can pick them up and send them on their way.10.

The customs office will also collect the item and take it to a warehouse for processing.

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