Waffle House to discontinue use of artificial ingredients in dressings

The makers of popular waffle-style breads, including WaffleHouse, are expected to stop using artificial ingredients to make their products.

The move comes as the industry grapples with a growing foodborne-borne illness outbreak linked to artificial ingredients.

WaffleHouse spokeswoman Stephanie Dornan said in a statement on Wednesday that the company has stopped using artificial flavors and colorings and will stop using preservatives in its product.

“We are very disappointed that our products are no longer made with artificial ingredients and we will continue to use the best ingredients possible,” she said.

The Wall Street and media-industry group Food & Drug Association have teamed up to launch a consumer boycott of some Waffle house products, including the breakfast and waffle breakfast sandwiches, which are made from scratch in-house and typically cost more than $10.

The association, which is an umbrella organization for more than 40,000 industry groups, is urging customers to boycott Wafflehouse products, saying the company is in violation of federal regulations that require it to provide accurate ingredient information.

The companies’ use of ingredients that are considered “designer” and not approved by the FDA has caused problems for consumers.

The FDA has been investigating Waffle’s use of synthetic ingredients in recent months.

The agency has identified over 50 food additives and has found at least 10 instances of false claims.

The Food &advisors Association, an industry trade group, has called for a voluntary recall of Wafflehouses’ breakfast and breakfast sandwiches.

Waffles have been an important part of American culture for decades.

A Waffle made with fresh-squeezed milk, eggs, and bread is a popular breakfast sandwich.