How to spot a garment inspection issue with Express, Puma and other brands

When an inspection is needed for a garment brand, the garment maker must follow specific steps to get the inspection done.

These steps are often called garment inspection processes or garment wet processing.

You can read more about them on the Express website.

A garment inspection is a routine part of the garment production process.

There is usually a factory manager in charge of the inspection process.

When a garment is being made, the factory manager will inspect the garment to make sure it’s working properly.

In some cases, there may be no factory manager present during the inspection.

In other cases, the inspection will be conducted by an independent factory manager or by a third party company.

When inspecting a garment, the fabric must be thoroughly washed and rinsed.

The garment should not be exposed to air, heat, moisture or any other chemicals, and the garment must be airtight.

The inspection must also take place before the garment is worn.

The inspectors must wear gloves and a mask.

They may be required to wear a mask to keep from inhaling fumes from the garment and any chemicals they’re exposed to during the garment inspection.

The factory must also wear gloves during the manufacturing process.

A person wearing a mask and a face mask while working in the garment manufacturing process can cause allergic reactions to the clothing they’re wearing.

The worker can wear a face shield to protect the face from the fumes.

The inspector must wear a rubber mask during the process and may be asked to wear protective clothing while wearing it.

The gloves and face mask are often worn during the production process, so a person can remove the gloves or mask at the end of the process.

If the garment being inspected isn’t fully cleaned, the inspectors will need to repeat the process to get it cleaned.

There are some exceptions to the process for garment inspections.

If a garment isn’t properly sealed, it could be exposed during the construction process.

The seamstress may need to wear disposable gloves while working on the garment, or a mask may need be worn while working.

The garments may need additional cleaning if they’re being used to make jewelry, and a person wearing gloves while cleaning them could get a burn.

The workers can be asked not to touch or touch any part of a garment while the garment’s being inspected, so that it doesn’t get contaminated.

If there is an inspection left undone, the company can still make a mistake and be fined.

If you have an issue with a garment that isn’t being inspected correctly, you can call Express, one of the most trusted garment inspectors in the world, or Puma, one the world’s leading garment suppliers, to learn more.