What to Know About the Fgs Garment Processing Process

According to a new study from a company called Garment Processors, garment production processes may be leading to the deaths of millions of women worldwide.

According to the report, the main reason is that garment production is becoming more complex and more complex processes are not being considered as critical.

For instance, a woman working in a garment factory may be exposed to chemicals that can kill her, and her body is not protected by protective gear.

Also, the garment factory workers may be given less time to do their jobs and may be less skilled, according to the study.

Another major factor contributing to these deaths is that factory workers often work on different stages of the production process, according the study, which is published in the journal American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

The study also found that many factories, factories in particular, are not properly trained to ensure safety of workers, and many factories are using chemical irritants, such as flame retardants, on the floor.

The U.S. government is already paying for the cost of these protective measures, and is currently making $1.4 billion a year from these measures, according an estimate by the Labor Department.

The federal government has also set aside money to provide funds to help garment factories hire more factory inspectors and inspectors to perform routine inspections.

Garment factories are also responsible for the deaths and illnesses of other workers.

According to the Labor department, one in five garment factories in the United States have unsafe working conditions, which can cause death and illness.

These unsafe working practices include:Exposure to toxic chemicals, heat, air, and noise are also the primary reasons for the death and illnesses, the study said.

The number of factory deaths in the U. S. has more than doubled since the late 1970s, according, according research by the Economic Policy Institute.

These figures include suicides, deaths due to accidents, and the like.

A garment worker who died due to a toxic chemical exposure is referred to as a ‘chemical worker.’

This worker was exposed to toxic chemical chemicals that could have resulted in death.

This worker could have died due either to respiratory distress, respiratory illness, or some combination of the two.

This article originally appeared on CNBC.