When Will We See The Last Time You Spilled Your Tears Into The Water?

You know how it is when your best friend says something you love to hear?

That you just want to keep talking about forever.

When that happens, you start to get emotional and you cry.

And then, you can’t stop crying.

That’s what happened to me when I had a baby.

My husband was a doctor and I was a nurse, and we went to the hospital for a checkup.

I was expecting my first child when the nurses brought us home.

And when we walked in, I saw my baby crying in the hall.

I asked him if it was ok to cry, and he said no, it was not.

I knew what it meant to be a woman.

He took my hand and pulled me into his arms.

“You’ll be so proud of me, honey,” he said.

And that was the first time I felt love.

I went from a crying woman to a woman who cried.

When my husband was dying, I took his last breaths, and I felt the same way.

So I’m not surprised to learn that I had the same feelings for the baby I had when I was pregnant.

I’m a mother, I guess, but I’m also a mother.

That is, I can cry and be emotional, and that is how I love my baby.

But sometimes, I just need to cry.

Like when I lost my husband, or when I’ve just lost a child.

When I was grieving for my son, I was too busy worrying about my husband to be able to look at him.

When the baby was born, I cried.

And I was like, I have to look him in the eyes.

I didn’t know how to cry for him.

But that is what happened when I got pregnant.

After my baby was delivered, I knew I had to let go of all the bad emotions that had built up in my body.

I wanted to be an honest woman and tell him all the good things about his mother.

And so I cried a lot.

Then I cried my way to being a mother for the first and last time, because that’s how it felt.

My baby cried a little, but he was a good baby.

When he was born and my husband died, I felt a lot of pain, too.

I lost a job, I lost custody of our son, and then I lost everything.

When we lost our home, I still had all the things I had.

And the pain was still there.

I felt like I was losing everything.

And it’s sad.

I had so much to give to my husband and I lost all that.

But I was still a mother of a baby, and my heart is still with my baby now.

It’s OK to cry and cry.

It helps me feel better, too, even though I’m so sad and broken.

When a woman has a baby in her family, she is expected to cry more than anyone else.

It is part of the culture, and it’s part of our socialization.

It makes us feel good about ourselves, and also helps to remind ourselves that the child is still here and she’s still alive.

So when we cry, we are telling ourselves that we have the right to be here, that she is still alive and well, and she needs our support.

I know it’s hard for me to talk about this because I’m on my period, but you can still cry for your baby.

I will still cry with you.