The latest garment burnout study reveals how women are getting hurt when buying a new garment

7.00am: A study on women buying clothes in the US suggests that they are often wearing the wrong type of clothing.

The findings show that the vast majority of women who buy a new clothing item have been wearing a certain type of garment which, the study suggests, is “not only unhealthier for the wearer but also makes them less likely to return the item”.

According to the study, more than half of women buying a garment that did not match their measurements or measurements were likely to be wearing a garment in which the seam was not “tight enough to ensure the garment was not as comfortable as a garment would have been”.

The study found that women in the most expensive brands were more likely to say they had worn a garment with a seam that was “too loose”, and that they were more inclined to return their purchase if the garment did not fit well.

It comes after a similar study was conducted in the UK, and found that most women buying clothing from retailers in the top ten most popular brands had made “mistakes” while shopping online.

Women were found to be purchasing clothes in “too short” sizes and were not buying garments in the same colours as they expected, and were also not purchasing garments in a “fitting” fabric.

“Women who shop online may be spending a lot of money on clothing, but this research shows that they should be aware of what is going on behind the scenes,” said Dr Joanna Brown, a researcher at the University of Southampton and the study’s lead author.

“For some women, this shopping experience may be less pleasant than buying a good quality garment at a store.”

But for the majority of shoppers, it may be more comfortable to buy from a store with the same selection and price as they would at home, with the option of buying online or at a retailer.

“The study also found that “the majority of retailers do not consider this to be a concern”.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the retailer told Business Insider: “Our research shows the majority consumers are happy to purchase their clothes from a trusted retailer.

We have been in contact with the study authors and will work with them to ensure they receive the best possible support.””

This study is part of a wider effort to make online shopping safer and better for shoppers, and we are confident that our existing policies will make it easier for consumers to shop online.

The report comes as it was revealed that the average cost of a new phone has risen by more than 25% in the last year.”

We are currently testing a new programme that is focused on helping shoppers shop with confidence and privacy, and are working to make it even easier for customers to make their purchases online.”

The report comes as it was revealed that the average cost of a new phone has risen by more than 25% in the last year.