New technology allows factories to process garment parts and garments in just a few hours

Next BigFuture is an incubator of start-ups that aim to disrupt the fashion industry with new, disruptive technology.

The incubator, based in London, has been named the ‘First World Entrepreneurship Capital’ in 2017.

Its goal is to encourage start-up businesses to develop new, innovative products and services and develop new business models.

It has been a pioneer in providing capital to UK start-Ups and incubators in the fashion sector.

This year, Next Big was named the UK’s ‘Best Place to Start a Business in the Fashion Industry’ by Fashion Observer.

As the UK economy continues to struggle, fashion companies have been left with limited options to increase their market share.

There is a shortage of workers in the apparel industry and the current unemployment rate is over 10%.

As such, many fashion start- ups have been looking to diversify their business model, which in turn means more opportunities for new talent.

To help companies such as Next Big achieve this, the company has launched a new program called The Entrepreneurs of Next Big.

Next Big is set to start up its first business in 2021.

A few months ago, Next Bets founder and CEO, James Widdowson, and his wife, Sarah, announced the launch of The Entrepreneur of Next Bats.

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Fashion startup Next Big UK was founded by James W. Widdows, founder of fashion start up Next Big, in 2015.

The business is now valued at £300 million and the company employs over 250 people.

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