Irish clothing makers are using ‘swimming pool’ technology to sample garments

Garment makers are turning to a new technology to help them sample and manufacture their wares, in a bid to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce garments.

The Irish clothing industry has a huge number of jobs, and there are also huge numbers of people who need to be trained.

In a bid for efficiency, some of the best-known companies are looking to use ‘swim pooling’ or ‘shark-proofing’ technology.

These are garment manufacturing processes in which workers have a shark-proofed enclosure in their pool for up to eight hours a day to capture and analyse samples, before they are sent to a specialist lab for further processing.

Shark-Proofing is a technology developed by the Swiss-based company Alkalik, which has already been used in the US to sample clothing in a shark tank.

Sharks are often caught in fishing nets that have been placed in the pool for months, so the pool is always empty.

The sharks, in turn, are put in the enclosure, and in the space of eight hours, the shark-respirator can see how much the fish are eating and how much water is circulating around it.

The result is a much more accurate assessment of how much weight the fish need to swim to get to the water and therefore their size.

This is important for garments, because if they are smaller than they need to become, they are going to be more susceptible to infection.

Alkalilks fish tank is then taken back to the factory and the samples are tested again.

If the fish were more or less of a certain size, they would be moved to a different tank for processing.

These types of shark-protection methods are becoming more common.

The latest estimates suggest that there are more than 6 million sharks around the world in the wild.

While the technology can be useful for catching larger fish, there are risks too.

When a shark is caught in a fishing net, the tail can be attached to the fish, and this can also cause damage to the animal.

Some shark fins are also used as bait.

If a shark tries to swim away, the fish can get stuck on the tail, and it is possible to get them killed.

The technology has also been used to help protect some endangered species of fish, such as the red sea bream.

Shake off the pressureShake-off the pressure is a method used by shark experts to keep sharks away from a bait.

Shakes are often used to lure sharks away, which is a natural behaviour, but when the shark is a certain distance away from you, it may become more aggressive, and may bite you.

To help make the shark less likely to bite you, a special device called a ‘shaker’ is installed to help the shark escape.

Shaker is an electrical device that uses a small amount of electricity to pull the shark away from the lure, and then a second electric device called an ‘air-freak’ is used to make the fish fall back to their normal behaviour.

This means that the fish will not bite you in the mouth, but instead will bite you with their fins.

Shakers are usually designed for catching small sharks, but are also able to capture larger ones, such in the case of the blue-fin tuna.

Shower the sharksThe first step to using the technology is to put it in a water bath.

This means that all the water in the aquarium is used up and no more fish are being produced.

Then the water is washed with a chemical solution and then sprayed on the fish.

This creates a very fine mist that makes the fish appear to float in the water, and help them swim away.

The technique is also useful for cleaning up after a shark, as the water from the tank can leave some of its chemical residue behind, which can damage the fish’s skin.

It is important to remember, however, that the technology does not have to be used every day.

Shaker and air-fremak are not always able to remove the residue from the water that was used to wash the fish or the fish itself, so it is important that they are used to remove any residue that has been left.

If it is not possible to wash every day, the technique is sometimes called ‘shower the fish’.

To ensure the sharks do not come back, it is also important to make sure they do not eat the water.

The best way to do this is to make a bucket of water, fill it with some water, place a fish in it, and let the fish swim around for a few minutes.

The fish will then be released back into the water as soon as they have washed off the water spray.

It is also a good idea to keep a water spray hose close at hand for this purpose.

The final step is to seal the enclosure with a sealant.

This involves using a sealer, which contains a substance that is