What you need to know about the clothes and footwear that are in the queue for the new US garment processing system

RTE 1: What is the new ‘Express Processing System’?

2: How will the new system work?

3: What will happen to the existing clothing and footwear on the US market?

4: Will there be any major changes to existing regulations?

5: What do the EU and China expect from the US in the coming months?

6: What can be done to ensure that the system is fully efficient?

RTE 2: Will the new garment processing process be implemented by the end of 2019?

What are the challenges involved?

What can the US do to speed up the process?

R TE 3: How many garments will be processed and which regions will be affected?

How long will it take?

What will the final product look like?

R UTEMPO 1: How is the US economy impacted by the new processing system?

2: Is there any way to avoid a high cost of production for garments? 3