The ‘Garment Washing Process’ Test

A new test on the garment washing process in garment factories can reveal the exact amount of toxic chemicals a garment will absorb and how they will affect the garment.

According to a new study, it’s possible to measure how much toxic chemicals in the washing process affect the clothes you wear.

“We were able to measure the chemical concentration in a garment using a test called the garment wash process,” study author Ramesh Shah said in a press release.

“This test can help us understand how the chemical exposure is transmitted through the garments.”

Shah and his colleagues tested the wash process in 100 garment factories in Bangladesh, which is where the company responsible for making the garments was based.

The test was carried out using a sample of the garments being washed, and then measured the amount of chemicals the wash is able to absorb.

The chemical concentration is the amount that would be able to be measured in a person’s body.

“The results showed that the chemical load in the garment was at least 3 times higher than that of a human,” Shah said.

“In addition, the concentration of these chemicals in textile fibers was significantly higher than what a person would absorb from a single wash.”

It is also important to note that this test does not take into account the contamination from the wastewater or wastewater treatment systems, and it does not show the effects of the chemicals on the clothes themselves,” he added.”

The study is published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.”

But the test shows that even a relatively low amount of contamination would still be a major concern.”

The study is published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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