How to help RTE make clothing in Rochdale

RTE has a few new clothes to make at its Rochdall factory.

The company has just started to sell them, and they’ll be in a few weeks.

The first batch will go to a new clothing manufacturer.

It is called Kalees.

It was formed by two local workers who wanted to make something new for the area.

“We don’t know much about the process,” said one of the employees, who declined to give his name.

“It’s quite a process.

The whole process takes around four weeks. “

The fabric is dyed, the raw material is picked, and then it is put through a dyeing process.

The Rochda is the main city of Rochdalen, a town in the North West of England. “

There are a lot of people working in the factory,” he added.

The Rochda is the main city of Rochdalen, a town in the North West of England.

Its population is around 15,000.

“You could see this factory a few years ago, but I didn’t see any workers,” said a local resident.

The garment process was invented by the RochDall factory in 2003, and the first two products made by the company are made of wool and cotton.

The factory is also producing a lot more clothing, including clothing for the UK government, and there are also some small-scale businesses selling clothes to the public.

“A lot of Rachid, the textile workers in Rosh, are making clothing, as are the cleaners, but there are not many people who are making clothes for the public,” said the Rachdall worker.

He said that the people who made the garments were usually women and the women were often the poorest.

“Some of the women don’t even have any clothes, they don’t have shoes, they just work in the factories,” he said.

“If the factory gets the right kind of clothes, then they’ll make more.”

“We need to make clothes for Rochdenians,” he continued.

We want to help the people of Rosh to be able to live their lives in dignity, and to have their own jobs. “

But we want to make more clothes for all of the people here.

We can help to make this place better.””

I want to give back to Rochding for the future.

We can help to make this place better.”