Fox News: New lawsuit alleges ‘inhumane’ labor practices in Bangladesh garment manufacturing

The Associated Press article BILLY JACKSON, Minn.

— A lawsuit filed in federal court by a worker who alleges she was abused and beaten by a garment manufacturer says the company failed to adequately train its workers on proper clothing maintenance and should have immediately halted the production of the garments.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Minnesota’s Minnesota Supreme Court alleges that the company made the allegations under false pretenses and said it was working to address its shortcomings.

It also said it should have done more to prevent the abuse.

The suit says the worker, who is seeking $25 million in damages, was abused at a factory in Bangladesh and was threatened with physical violence.

It says the woman has PTSD, depression, anxiety and flashbacks and she has had nightmares about the incident since.

The suit said she has suffered emotional trauma and has had seizures.

The lawsuit also alleges that while the company was supposed to train the workers, it failed to do so.

The company denied the allegations.

A company spokesperson said in a statement that it had hired several outside consultants to assist with its investigation and that the complaint was false and that it was cooperating fully with the court.

The complaint says the workers were employed at the factory in Mankato, Minnesota, between February and May of this year.

It did not identify the workers.

The AP is not naming the worker because she was not authorized to speak publicly about the lawsuit.