Garments Working Process

2 months ago The first step in garment working process is to ensure that the garment is properly prepared and sealed, and to ensure the garment meets all of the manufacturer’s specifications.

The garment must be clean and in good condition before the garment can be shipped to the customer.

The second step is to obtain an inspection report.

The inspector will need to make an assessment of the garment to determine if it complies with the manufacturer instructions and specifications.

If the inspector determines that the inspection is appropriate, the garment will be approved for shipment.

After the garment has been approved, the next step is the final inspection, which will include the final fitting and inspection of the garments seams.

Once the inspection has been completed, the factory will issue a shipping label.

The label will identify the item and will indicate that the shipment has been shipped.

The next step will be the final packing and shipping of the shipment.

The shipping label will be sealed and sealed in a plastic bag, which the customer can open and inspect.

The customer will receive a shipment tracking number, which is a unique identifier that will be used by the manufacturer to track the shipment, along with a shipping confirmation email.