How the garment industry is making its way into the future

A major new project from a London-based clothing factory is to help boost the sector’s competitiveness.

The Laundromat Company (LCC) has been granted a £5 million contract from the Government to build a new textile mill in Leicester, which it says will improve the local manufacturing sector.

The factory will be run by LCC’s parent company, LCC UK Ltd, and its main subcontractor, BAE Systems.

Laundromats are small garment factories that use cotton, wool and wool blends to produce clothing.

The company, which will employ around 400 workers, has been seeking to move into the textile industry in Leicester.

“We see this as the next step towards creating a fully globalised fabric, which is in line with our business objectives and objectives for the Laundroom brand,” LCC chief executive Andrew Dore said.

“It is a great opportunity for Leicester, and it will provide us with a great foothold in the future.”

The LCC plant will be the first of its kind in Britain, and is expected to create 100 jobs and boost the local textile industry.

The plant is expected use the same technology as its global counterparts and will produce garments using local raw materials.

Its new manufacturing facility is expected have a capacity of 400 tonnes per year, with the company also looking to expand the manufacturing of footwear and other garments.

It will be based in a new development site at the intersection of the city’s central business district and the city centre.

The project was initially approved by the City of Leicester Council and has been put on hold pending the outcome of its environmental impact assessment.

The council has since announced it will now consider the impact of the project on the local economy.